Gopro 8
Gopro 8 Black

GoPro 8 Black New Release date

The original GoPro 8 design lasted for four generations, ignoring, of course, the minor + updates. The Karma Grip is still a popular accessory, and if there is any major change in the shape and size, the Karma would require a new caddy. GoPro 8

Gopro 8 Black

Will Shoot 4K At 120 FPS

  • If history repeats we should see a Hero 8 release date in September 2019
  • Three models including the GoPro HERO 8 Black, GoPro HERO 8 Silver, GoPro HERO 8 White.
  • Enhanced design with possible screw in filters and enhancements
  • 8K Video at 60fps, 4K Video at 120fps, Full HD video at 480 fps
  • Enhanced image quality with video capture at over 100mb/s
  • HDR Video with HyperSmooth

GoPro Hero 8 Specs

GoPro has steadily broken new ground when it comes to the resolutions and frame rates that are offered by each new generation.

Other cameras might match those specifications and features, but few can mirror the speed and quality.

The GoPro Hero 8 Black will need to beat the already high bar set by the GoPro Hero 7 Black, and the action camera will also need to offer the company’s devout followers something special.

GoPro Hero 8 hits 480fps Full HD and 120fps at 4k

Every other generation of the camera seems to double the frame rate compared to the previous generation, with the 6 doubling the maximum frame rates for both full HD and 4K.

Taking the previous timeline into consideration, it’s unlikely we’ll see much in this update when it comes to increased frame rate and resolution. Maybe something for the GoPro Hero 8

Here are the rumored  GoPro Hero 8 camera rumors:

  • Announcement in September, 2019
  • New design with optional housing and new accessroeis (mic, LED light, screen, etc)
  • GP2 chip
  • 4K video at 120fps, full HD video at 480 fps
  • Improved lens and  image quality
  • 12MP asaensor (not confirmed)